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Hydrogen Law

Legislative and administrative framework

Bulgaria lacks a regulatory framework for hydrogen production and usage. Currently, hydrogen production, transportation, and storage comprise the existing legislation for other gases and general construction. There is a lack of a specific development framework for hydrogen in the Energy Strategy of Bulgaria or the Integrated Plan. It is therefore likely that Bulgaria will follow EU regulations in the sector.

HyLaw Source: HyLaw


In January 2017, HydrogenEurope and FCH JU (Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking) created the HyLaw project, which ended in December 2018 and contributed to defining the missing administrative procedures for the large-scale deployment of hydrogen technologies. The main results of the HyLaw project are:


HyLaw Results Source: HyLaw

HyLaw Results

1. An online and publicly accessible database compiling legal and administrative processes applicable to hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in 18 countries in Europe
2. National policy documents describing each legal and administrative process, highlighting best practices, legal barriers and providing policy recommendations
3. A pan-European policy document aimed at European leaders
4. National and European seminars to disseminate the findings and persuade the authorities to remove the barriers

More about HyLaw can be found HERE.